` Anna and Ken Adamson's Family
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anna and ken adamson's family

This page provides some information about the Anna and Ken's family. There are links to each of their children's own families. The page is linked with the Family Repository - click on the portrait for personal details. To return to this page use your Browsers Back Button.

Born Anna Christina, Drumboy, Co Louth, Ireland in June 1936. Glassdrummond PE School; Our Lady's Grammar School, Newry; Nurse in Walton Hospital, Liverpool until 1962. Emigrated to Canada and married Ken in October 1962. Died suddenly on 11 January 1989.

Born Liverpool 1936; Emigrated to Canada in 196?. Civil Engineer, retired ?? Trustee of Brampton West Section of the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board.

Born [ ] Canada in 1963. [Occupation/profession] Married Annie in in September 1993 [hobbies/interests]

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Born 1964 [ ] Canada in 1964. [Occupation/profession] [hobbies/interests]

Born Ian Thomas, 1967 [ ] Canada in 1967. [Occupation/profession] [hobbies/interests]

Born Mark Edward, [ ] Canada in 1969. [Occupation/profession] Married Megan Tong in in September 2000 [hobbies/interests]

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