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The Deck along the line

Written by Johnny Boyle

Come all you lads and lasses
When the weather it is fine
To view this grand wee dancing deck
That's built along the line
You needn't come too hungry
For you will get no tea
The only consolation is
The music it is free

Tom Campbell is conductor
Or at least that's what I'm told
Although he doesn't dance himself
He's worth his weight in gold
He is so very sensible
That he stops the dance at nine
To give the lads and lassies time
To coort along the line

The deck it was erected
By the neighbour lads I hear
And the name it has for beauty
Is spread both far and near
It stands upon a purling brook
And is seated all around
And there's ample accommodation
For our ladies to sit down

Nellie Murphy takes the deck
So sweetly and sedately
There's not a one upon it
Can trip the tune more neatly
But she's very fond of jazzing
And I'm thinking while alone
Tom Campbell will tell Mickel
For to keep his wife at home

Now if you want refreshments
You've only to cross the road
And anything you order
Let it be hot or cold
If you have no money
The truth to you I'll tell
You'll always get a bit of strap
In the hostel of Lavelle

Mrs White came trotting out
To see it on one Sunday
It was her whole intention
To not go back till Monday
She was sadly disappointed
And indeed we were so glad
We wouldn't like to see her dance
Her feet that looked so bad

I want you all in hundreds
And thousands have to come
The music there it far exceeds
The jazz band or the drum
The Rowland boys can tip it off
So nicely up to time
And the divil couldn't beat those boys
The Garveys from the mine

I've travelled many dance halls
The Plaza and Skull Hill
The music there is far behind
The boys around Ballsmill
At dancing too they're very slow
They're not quite up to time
But you'll always get the latest step
At the deck along the Line.

They come along from Castletown
And down by Besom Hill
And all along the mountain slopes
Till you land down at Drumill
There comes some boys from Creggan
And from Crossmaglen a few
And the Gab he used to drive them
In a lorry from Rath View

If you want a partner
That will care you all your life
Shine up your brogues comb back your hair
And come this way for a wife
And if you think I'm codding you
Sure there's where I got mine
And you'll bless the day you chanced to stray
To this deck along the line.