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eileen and ron sutcliffe's family

This page provides some information about the Sutcliffe family. The page is linked with the Family Repository - click on the portrait for personal details. To return to this page use your Browser's Back Button.

Born April 1940 in Preston. Married Eileen on in August 1966. Died on 9 March 1992.

Born May 1946 Drumbally, South Armagh. Grassdrumman PE School, Our Lady's Grammar School 1958 to 1963. Moved to Preston, England; worked in Lancashire County Council; married Ron Sutcliffe in 1966. Works for British Telecom.

Born February 1967 in Preston. St Wilfred's Primary school 1971 to 1978. St Thomas More High School Fullwood 1978 to 1983. Newman College, Aversham, Preston 1983 to 1985. University of London, Heythorp College 1986 to 1987. University of Sheffield 1987 to 1990. MA TESOL, University of London, Institute of Education 2000 to 2001. Youth & Community worker, Archdiocese of Liverpool 1985. Draughtsman NORWEB, Preston 1990 to 1991. Teaching "English as a Foreign Language" Prague, Czechoslovakia 1991 to 1992, Istanbul, Turkey 1995 to 1996, Seoul, Korea 1996 to 2000. Actor: TV dramas (KBS and MBC channels) + film work of "Girls Night Out" 1998

Born February 1981 in Preston.

See also Sarah and Megan

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sarah and megan finnegan

Sarah Finnegan
Born January 1980 in Preston.
Megan June 2003
Megan Finnegan
Born November 1999.