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Personal Data - Statement of Policy

The purpose of the Family Repository is to provide a comprehensive database of personal information about individuals, living and dead, from the extended families of John and Mary Boyle, Owen and Annie Devlin, James and Sarah Mackrell and Bernard and Annie Kane (and earlier generations as information becomes available) who lived in South Armagh and South Down. I hope that it will be a useful reference work for other family members, throughout the world.

The information was obtained partly from the work of other family members in preparation for the Boyle Clan Gathering in 1999, partly from helpful people in the different families and partly by myself and my wife Sadie from personal research.

The data is only as accurate as the sources that provide it. So far as possible it has been checked with other information and is amended and updated on a continuous basis.

The following factual information will be displayed -

Last Name - Current and birth
First Name - Actual and 'Known as'
Portrait photo (where available)
Date of birth
Date of marriage(s)
Date of death
Names of parents
Name(s) of partner(s)
Names of child(ren)

Information about individuals will be cross-linked to parents, partners and children, and, where available, family information and photographs.

Where available, wedding photographs will be linked to individual profiles.

Where it can be obtained, additional information about the place of birth and interment will be included.

Contact information will be restricted to e-mail addresses in the Links Section. Such addresses will be deleted if requested.

Information about partners from outside the direct line of descent of the four core families will be confined to details of parents and siblings. In other words, there will be limited data about the wider families of such partners. However, where appropriate, and if requested, additional information about such families will be linked to the Repository.

Corrections of data received from any person included in the Repository will be incorporated immediately.

Narrative information about individuals and families, as for example in 'The Devlins', will be subject to the complete control of the supplier of the information, who will be solely responsible for content. Layout and style will be the responsibility of the site manager - me.