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Journals of the Creggan History Society

A complete list of the articles in each of the Journals is set out below.

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Michael McShane
Creggan Local History Society
Aras an Chairdineil O'Fiaich
Slatequarry Road
Co Armagh
BT35 0JH Telephone: (028 3086 8757)

1986 1987 1989 1990 1991 1992 1994/1995 1997/1998 1999/2000 2001/2002

Year Title Author
1986 Introduction
Crossmaglen Before the Famine
Crossmaglen's Twin
Poets and Scholars
The Johnstons of the Fews
The Hirin'
Builders in Stone
What's in a Name
John Fee
John Fee
Kevin McMahon
Hugh Macauley
Cardinal Tomás ÓFiaich
Kevin McMahon
Mary Cumiskey
Dr. MJ Yates
John Fee...............TOP
Year Title Author
1987 Introduction
The Dorsey Ramparts
Early 19th Century Disturbances in Creggan Parish
Agrarian Disturbances Around Crossmaglen, 1835-1855
Carnally House
The Hirin'
Flax in August
Phrases and Words in Irish, Still in Common Use in the Parishes of Creggan
Crossmaglen Rangers: GFC & A.C.
John Fee
Michael McShane
Cardinal Tomas O'Fiaich
Kevin McMahon
Jem Murphy
Mary Cumiskey
Michael J. Duffy
Con Mac an Ghirr
Con Mac an Ghirr ...............TOP
Year Title Author
1989 Introduction
Artificial Curiosities and Antiquities of the South Armagh Countryside
The Creggan Vestry in the 18th Century
The Loughross Gaelic Scholar Dr James Woods
Belmont Barracks
Rural Deanery of Creggan
The Cormonagh Evictions
Cardinal Tomas O'Fiaich's Visit to Crossmaglen, Australia-Pictoral Feature
Scutch Mills
From Glen to Glen - A Visit to Crossmaglen NSW
Dundalk Schoolchildrens Unique Phone Call to Australia
Ban Donaldson - The Irish American Connection
Sale of Scutch Mill
Kevin McMahon
Michael McShane
T.G.F. Paterson
Sean Duffy
Kevin Murphy
Reamonn O'Muiri
Kevin McMahon
-Pictoral Feature-
Bernadette Miroudot
Frank Short
-Newspaper Extract-
Ronald ban Donaldson
Year Title Author
1990 Introduction
Pictorial Tribute to Cardinal O'Fiaich
Stone Monuments in the Slieve Gullion Area
Cal Mor
Rev. Daniel Gunn Brown
Sir Thomas Jackson
Memories of Loyalty - St Brigid's Glassdrummond
Kevin McMahon
D.R.M. Weatherup
Kevin McMahon
Rev. J. MacMillan
Mary Cumiskey
Con Mac an Ghirr
Tony Kieran
Jem Murphy ...............TOP
Cardinal Tomas O'Fiaich Memorial Issue
Year Title Author
1991 Introduction
"...A Celtic Saint and Pastor..."
Tomas O'Fiaich
"...A Man of Great Compassion..."
Tomas Cardinal Tomas O'Fiaich
A Memory
Cardinal Tomas O'Fiaich
The Cardinal's Family and School Days
Cardinal Tomas O'Fiaich
I'll Never Forget "Father Tom"
Uncle Tom
Letter from Deirdre Fee
"...The Greatest Irishman I have Met..."
"...The Last True Prince of Ulster..."
Cardinal O'Fiaich: A Personal View
Some Memories of our Dear Cardinal
The Cardinal and Creggan
Colour photographs of Cardinal Tomas O'Fiaich
Memories of Cardinal O'Fiaich at Lourdes
"...A Good Priest By Another Name Called ..."
Gaelscrinte San Eoraip
"...His Love Of People ..."
"The Team"
Serving Mass for Fr. Tom
Cardinal Elect
Caone Ard Easbog Ard Mhacha
An Cardinal Tomas O'Fiaich
Cardinal Tomas O'Fiaich's Last Sermon
A Visit with the Cardinal to English Prisons
The Late Cardinal Tomds O'Fiaich: Personal Memories
My Friend
Your Friend, My Friend and Everybody's Friend
"…Take Me Home ..."
"…A Much Loved Man ..."
A Man Who Remembered
Happy Recollections of Cardinal Tomas O'Fiaich
"...This Beautiful Letter ..."
His Likes We Will Never Have Again ..."
The Last Week in the Life of a Busy Man
Kevin McMahon
Fr. Neil Carlin
Barney Cavenagh
Bishop Eamon Casey
Canon Davis Clarke
Sister Marie Collins
Thomas Crowley
Mary Cumiskey
Bishop Edward Daly
Fr. Brian D'Arcy
Deirdre Fee
Cyril Gleeson
James Hall
Cardinal Basil Hume
Gene Larkin
Hugh Macauley
Sister M. Malachy MMM
Jem Murphy
Pat Murphy
Gerard Murray
Dr. Seamus McAteer
Mgr. Francis MacLarnon
Kevin McMahon
Michael McShane
Sister Caoimhin Ni Uallachain
Rev.S.Maurice Noel
Dr. Brid O'Dochartaigh
Dr. Brid O'Dochartaigh
Fr. Michael O'Dochartaigh
Fr. Reamonn O'Muiri
Luai O'Murchu
Pat O'Neill
Canon Tomas O'Sabhaois
Dolores Price
Sister Simeon O.P.
Michael Stone
Dr. George Otto Simms
Jim & Mary Tracy
John Ward
The Editor
Kathleen Treanor...............TOP
Year Title Author
1992 Introduction
The Night of the Big Wind
The Most Reverend John M. Farley
The Millionaire Murphy
A Look at Crossmaglen in the 1930s
Remembering Art McCooey
Placenames of Creggan
Centenary (St. Patrick's Church, Cullyhanna)
The February 1918 By-Election in South Armagh
The Restoration of Creggan Graveyard
Creggan Churchyard
Chronical of Events 1991
Membership Lists 1991
Michael McShane
Rory Kieran
Liam O'Keefe
Herbie Conlon
Mary Cumiskey
Tony Kieran
Hugh Macauley
Kevin McMahon
Siobhan McGuinness
Jem Murphy
Gabriel Campbell
Year Title Author
1994/95 Introduction
A Tribute to James (Jem) Murphy
Incidents, War of Independence, Creggan Parish
In Search of the Eastwoods
Carrickgavna, A History of a Mountain Townland
Artificial Curiosities and Antiquities of the South Armagh Countryside
Folk Memories of the Famine
The Famine in Creggan Parish
Potato Blight - What Was the Cause?
The Potato and its Consequences in Ireland
History in the Making (The First Ten Years)
The Book of Armagh
Selling the Books (the Cardinal O'Fiaich Memorial Issue)
-Sesquicentenary of St Patrick's Church, Crossmaglen-29 Sept 1985
Ecumenical service: Creggan Church -17 Sept 1988
-Anniversary Mass for Cardinal O'Fiaich: Crossmaglen Church-7 May 1991
-Annual Ecumenical service: Creggan Church-8 Sept 1991
-Annual Ecumenical service: Creggan Church-13 Sept 1992
-Annual Ecumenical service: Creggan Church-5 Sept 1993
-Annual Ecumenical service: Creggan Church-4 Sept 1994
Michael McShane
Michael McShane
Kevin McMahon
Len Gourd
Kevin Murphy
Michael McShane
Mary Cumiskey
Kevin McMahon
Dr Alistair R. McCracken
Michael McShane
Michael McShane
Michael McShane
Anon ? Editor
Cardinal Tomas O'Fiaich
Cardinal Tomas O'Fiaich
Cardinal Daly
Canon Joseph Maguire, Downpatrick
Douglas Gageby
Canon W.J.Marshall
Rev. Gerard Clifford...............TOP
1798 Rebellion Bicentenary Commemorative Issue
Year Title Author
1997/1998 Contributers to this Issue
The United Irishmen in Creggan Parish
John Mitchell - Profile of A Revolutionary
Father Patrick Short, SS. C.C.
Michael J. Murphy - "The Last Druid"
In Search of the Eastwoods- 2: Their Origins and Financial Vagrancies
Poets and Scholars of Creggan Parish
Carnally (Cairn Eallaigh)-Townland and Mass Rock
Ballykeel - A Narrow Townland
Annual Ecumenical Service in Creggan Parish Church - 3 Sept 1995
Annual Ecumenical Service in Creggan Parish Church - 1 Sept 1996
Launch of Dr Geraldine Carville's Book: "Creggan: A Celtic Christian Site"
A Tribute to Jem Murphy
Michael McShane
Kevin McMahon
Dr. Brigitte Anton
Reamonn O'Muiri
Kevin Murphy
Rev. David M. Eastwood
Cardinal Tomas O'Fiaich
Michael McShane
Eugene McCann
V. Rev. John Dunlop
Dr Garret Fitzgerald
Cardinal Cahal Daly
Kevin McMahon...............TOP
Tomas O'Fiaich 10th Anniversary -Millenium Issue
Year Title Author
1999/2000 Introduction
Lourdes Homilies
Saint Brigids P.S. Re-opened 1989
Tomas O'Fiaich's Irish Press Interview, 1978
The Island of Saints and Scholars: The Early Centuries
The Dorsey Tempest's 1930 Description etc...
The Cornonagh Evictions
"Youse The Bourkes?"
Michael McShane
Tomas O'Fiaich
Tony Kieran
Kevin McMahon
Sister Dr. Evelyn Kenny
C.J. Lynn
Len Gourd
Mary Ann Bourn ...............TOP
Year Title Author
2001/2002 Introduction
New Church at Glassdrummond, Co. Armagh
The Lenaghan Fathers of Crossmaglen
IMEACHT AN IARLA/The Flight of the Earl
Paddy Lennon: A Cullyhanna Man with the Boers
Cornonagh in 1901
The Creggan Presbyterian Congregation
APPENDIX: Inscriptions Freeduff Presbyterian Graveyard
Address at Ecumenical Service, Creggan Parish Church, 10 September 2000
Address at Ecumenical Service, Creggan Parish Church, 9 September 2001
Michael McShane
Seamus Murphy
Dennis M. Hanratty Ph.D
Réamonn ÓMuirí
Kieran McConville
Len Gourd
Kevin McMahon
Kevin McMahon & Michael McShane
Rt. Rev. S.G. Poyntz Ph.D.Litt.
Rt. Rev. Gordon McMullan...............TOP