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Eva Gore-Booth
Eva Gore-Booth, active feminist and pacifist, and sister of the Irish rebel leader Constance Markievicz, published at least nineteen volumes of poems, plays, and prose during her lifetime. She showed her serious interest in poetry from an early age but also rebelled, devoting much of her life to her efforts to improve conditions for working girls, particularly in the Lancashire cotten mills. She was very close to her rebel sister Constance. A book of Constance's prison letters to Eva has been published. Eva was involved in the women's trade unionionism and the suffrage movement in Manchester, where she lived. She embraced these physically demanding activities with gusto, despite her small and fragile physique, and still found time to write poetry and plays. She scored an impressive victory over no less an adversary then Winston Churchill who was standing as a Liberal candidate in a Manchester by-election."

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The grand road from the mountain goes shining to the sea,
And there is traffic on it and many a horse and cart,
But the little roads of Cloonagh are dearer far to me,
And the little roads of Cloonagh go rambling through my heart.

A great storm from the ocean goes shouting o'er the hill,
And there is glory in it and terror on the wind,
But the haunted air of twilight is very strange and still,
And the little winds of twilight are dearer to my mind.

The great waves of the Atlantic sweep storming on their way,
Shining green and silver with the hidden herring shoal;
But the little waves of Breffny have drenched my heart in spray,
And the little waves of Breffny go stumbling through my soul.