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bernadette's family

This page provides some information about the family. Bernadette and the girls live in Castlewellan, Co Down The page is linked with the Family Repository - click on the portrait for personal details. To return to this page use your Browser's Back Button.

Bernadette (Bernie)
Born Banbridge January 1965. St Malachy's Primary School, Castlewellan, 1969 to 1976; St Malachy's Secondary School, Castlewellan 1976 to 1981; Hairdresser in Castlewellan until 1992. Interests: Reading, dressmaking, refurbishing furniture.

Born Downpatrick August 1992. St Malachy's Primary School, Castlewellan 1996 to date. Interests: Football, music.
Claire's Page

Claire's First Holy Communion - 26 May 2001

Born Downpatrick June 1994. St Malachy's Primary School, Castlewellan 1998 to date. Interests: Football, singing, disco dancing
Ciara's Page

Ciara's Confirmation - 18 May 2005