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Died January 18, 1995

Valediction by her grandson, William (Billy) Bryers, at her funeral service.

While discussing our memories of Nanny, it occurred to me how appropriate are the words of the songs selected for this celebration.

She came to speak her words in foreign lands. She sang us her Irish ditties like "Father Papered the Parlor" and "Ah Little Baby". Told us about "Biddy McGuigan", "Slobbering Larry" or "The Story About Paddy McGlory". She taught us words like "dotting", "galloots", "gallavanting" and "MICKEY MULLIGAN", whom she married in 1923. He had his own speech. Teaching us that the letter before "I" in the alphabet was "Hechay" and when asked how he was always said "gusta la gusta".

Nan came to this foreign land from her Ireland as an 18 year old "to purse her fortune". Always mindful of "coining", she knew prices of things then and now. And she taught us to "ram it in the bank". Little did she know that her fortune would not be amassed in things as was the wealth of the rich family in New Jersey for whom she worked or of those who stayed at the Hotel Paris but rather, in the love of her friends and family here and in Ireland. Today, in Ireland, they join us in Masses for their Aunt Kathleen.

Her heart was for love alone. She freely gave her love to her family and all those who were a part of their circle of friends. She was - everyone's nanny, whether as Nanny Martinez, Nanny with the Cane or just Nanny. She gave you her love unconditionally and with that twinkle in her blue eyes. She had a way of making you feel as if it was for you along that she was there. Whether it was at the beach or the pool, in Florida or New York, while staying with us while our parents were away or in her park at Cheswick Square. The times were special because she cared for you.

She also had her faith. She told us that without your faith, you have nothing. Her human failings, her sins, cause her much suffering but she placed her faith in God and his loving forgiveness. She came again to dwell in the shelter of the Lord. She was at peace with God even as she suffered with her failing body. I am sure that when you pray with her and through her she will speak to you about God's forgiveness and love. For God has taken Kathleen home again.

Some will remember her quick wit, her vitality, or generous spirit. Others may think of her love of sports be it boxing, football or baseball. Or how whenever we fought, "her leg - her leg" suddenly was hurt and we would all stop and laugh. Others will recall: her googy eggs; her ham and cabbage; her mashed potatoes; her apple pies, tapioca, or rice puddings; or her rice and beans.

But, forever - I'll remember her - as loving me.

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