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the strangford stone

Millenium Stone, Delamont Park  PHOTO: Pat Devlin

Standing over 10 meters high in Delamont Park on the shores of Strangford Lough, and the tallest megalith in the British Isles, the Strangford Stone faces its "birthplace" in the Mourne Mountains, clearly visible on the southern horizon.

The raising of the stone on 26th June 1999, by one thousand young people from all over Northern Ireland, marked the beginning of the Millenium Celebrations in Down District. Quarried in the Mourne Mountains and transported to the Park, the stone was described by the Millenium Commission as "one of the simplest and most directly appealing of all the year 2000 projects." It took over two and a half hours of pulling by ten teams of 100 young people, each group on a separate rope, to raise it to the vertical.

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