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Terence's Farewell to Kathleen

Oh my Kathleen you're going to leave me
All alone by myself in this place
But I'm sure that you'll never deceive me
Oh no if there's love in that face
Though England's a beautiful country
Full of elegant boys and what then
You'll never forget your poor Terence
You'll come back to old Ireland again

'Tis folly to keep you from going
Though faith 'tis a might hard case
For Kathleen you know there's no knowing
When next I may see your sweet face
And when you come back to me Kathleen
Not the better shall I be off then
You'll be speaking such beautiful English
Oh I won't know my Kathleen again

Oh now where's the need of this hurry
Don't fluster me so in this way
I forgot twist my grief and the flurry
Every word I was meaning to say
Just wait now a minute I beg you
Can I talk if you bother me so
Oh Kathleen my blessings go with you
Every inch of the way that you go.
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