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This page contains some additional information about the Hanratty Family of Courtbane in Co Louth.

Edward Hanratty

Married July 1824 in Crossmaglen to Bridget Hanratty[Back...]

Thomas Hanratty

Born 16 March 1841. Married 2 November 1867 in Crossmaglen. Witnesses- Edward Murta and Owen Sherry. Died 6 April 1926.[Back...]

Mary Hanratty

Born 21 June 1844. Father - Parents John and Bridget Murtagh (nee Dawdall), Shila (probably 'Sheelagh', Co Louth.) Siblings: Margaret (b. 30 December 1840), Nicholas (b. 14 January 1842) and Patrick (b. 25 March 1851). Died 17 September 1934 aged 90 years [Back...]

Edward Hanratty

Born 20 August 1868. Only details available taken from a family history written as a school exercise by the children of Catherine Thornton in Philadelphia. By this account he stayed in Ireland and was a taxi driver. [Back...]

James Hanratty James Hanratty

James was baptised in Crossmaglen on 8 May 1870. According to Sarah HanrattyJulia Pearce he met Sarah McKenna, who had returned from America, at the home of Sarah's sister, Kate Richardson. They were married in Crossmaglen on 24 June 1903. Witnesses were Edward Hanratty and Rose McKenna. James was an area official of the Transport and General Workers Union base in Liverpool. His office was at 69 Darby Road, Kirkdale. The couple set up home in Liverpool and Sarah set up a Repository (selling religious artifacts) at the family home at 81 St Johns Road Liverpool. This became a temporary home for some Sarah's nieces eg Kathleen Keenan and Annie Fitzpatrick, who were trainee nurses at Walton Hospital. After James' retirement Sarah and he bought a house on the Castletown Rd in Dundalk and established a sport centre in the premises. Sarah died while bathing at Blackrock on 17 August 1945. James died on 17 December 1951. Both James and Sarah are buried in his parents' grave in Crossmaglen.[Back...]

See also Sarah's Personal Record in Family Repository.
Mary Thornton

Born 18 July 1872. Married twice. First, on 30 August 1884 in Crossmaglen, to Thomas Thornton of Slieve, Kane, Co Louth. [His father was Thomas]. Witnesses were Owen Thornton and Brigid Hanratty. Thomas died on 14 February 1901 -- "killed by a tree which he was in the act of felling.' His age is recorded as 35.

Second marriage was to Owen Thornton [his father was Patrick] from Slieve, on 14 November 1905. in the Church of the Holy Rosary, Bridge-a-crin. Witnesses Patrick Wiseman and Maggie Hanrattie. Mary (died 3 June 1937)and Owen (died 23 December 1950) are buried in Bridge-a-crin. [Informant on Death Certificate, her sister Brigid McEnaney, from Rathmore.] [Back...]

Owen Thornton

Baptised on 25 January 1863, Bridge-a-Crin. Age on Death Certificate 89. Died 23 Decamber, 1950. [Back...]

Bridget Deerey

Born 26 May 1899. Brigid and Edward are buried in Glasnevin Cemetary, Dublin. [Back...]

James Gerald Thornton Sr.

Married 30 September 1931 in Our Lady of Victory R.C. Church, Philadelphia, Pennsyvania to Katherine McLaughlin, Moville, Co. Donegal. Witnesses - Katherine's sister, Anne McLaughlin and John Cochrane. Both James and Katherine are buried in Saint Agnes' Cemetery, West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA [Back...]

Alice Josephine Ahern

Married on 26 January 1937, in Bridge-a-Crin, to William Joseph Ahern, Cobh, Cork. Witnesses Brian McEnaney and Katie Thornton. Both Alice and William are buried in Cork City.[Back...]

Owen Thornton Died on 10 May 1962 at the family farm in Slieve where he had always lived.[Back...]
John Hanratty

Born 20 September 1874, died 7 January 1957. Emigrated to New York in the late 189os. Worked for Con-Edison Power Company for many years. Buried in Calvary Cemetary, Queens, New York with his wife Maggie. [Back...]

Edward Laverty Edward LavertyMaggie Laverty

Married Margaret Hanratty on 1 November 1908, in Crossmaglen. Witnesses James Brennan and Mary Murtagh. Father was Daniel Laverty, farmer, from Clarnagh. Edward (Ned), was a stone mason.[Back...]

For completeness the following information about Edward's brother Patrick (who inherited the Laverty homeplace) is included (with thanks to Anne Murphy)-

    Patrick and Mary (Morgan) Laverty
    1. Thomas and ?? Laverty
      1. James and Teresa (Devlin) Laverty
    2. Dan Laverty
    3. Katie and ?? Leer
    4. Pat Laverty (died young)
    5. John Laverty (died young)
    6. Brigid and Michael McKeown (Brigid inherited Laverty homeplace)
Anne Murphy Anna MurphyMichael Murphy

Emigrated to the USA aged 16. Married Michael Murphy in New York. Returned to Ireland in 1989. Michael died in 1991[Back...]

Alice Hanratty Born in 1888. A letter from Holy Faith Convent says - in part-

"Alice Hanratty, Courtbane, Hackballs Cross, Dundalk, Co Louth entered on September 9, 1911, at the age of twenty-three. She was a past pupil of Glasnevin Boarding School. She made perpetual vows in 1920. She taught in Glasnevin until 1925 then changed to a new school in Iona Road, Drumcondra. After some years she was unable to continue in school as she developed Phthisis, she was in very delicate health. She died on March 23, 1941 in the 30th year of her religious life and the 53rd of her age. The cemetary in which the deceased Sisters are buried is in our own grounds." [Back...]

Thomas Hanratty

Baptised 24 December 1880. Emigrated to New York. Family story says that he vanished one night and was never heard from again. May have been married to a Brigid McAnaney.[Back...]

Brigid McEnaney

Married 27 February 1900 in Crossmaglen to Patrick McEnaney [his father Patrick, Rathmore]. Witnesses Mary A. Ryan and Thomas ???land. [Back...]

Owen Hanratty First Owen (b. 28 July 1826) must have died.[Back...]