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Family Names of Creggan Parish

These pages provide information about the distribution of family names in townlands of Creggan Parish between 1766 and about 1970. The names are derived from the lists of individual householders in each townland at the time they were compiled for official purposes. This enables us to see how family names survive and numbers change over almost two centuries.

The valuations/census used here are spaced about a generation apart from 1828 onward and provide and interesting snapshot of the family make-up of the parish at each point. I will add features to the pages on an on-going basis.

The 1935 and 1957 Valuation information can not be relied on as accurate since the records were updated only on notification of land and property changes, which could, in some cases, be long delayed. They are however the best available and should be accepted for what they are - a slightly out-of-focus snapshot of the position at a specific point in time.

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