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Photograph Archive

Images from the past evoke memories. They also say something about the people and the times in which they were taken. They are glimpses of what has passed away. Such images form part of the local historical archive. This page contains a small number of photographs. We intend to expand the number of images and we would be grateful for the loan of old photos that we would copy and return. There is no set formula, all are welcome. For example images of the following genres (but not exclusively) are sought-

  • school photos (with names where possible)
  • cultural, community and musical events.
  • images with farming themes - machinery, artefacts, planting and harvesting etc
  • sporting events
  • religious events
  • pagents and fetes

There is no minimum age for the photos - all are historical records - today's event is tomorrow's history.

Click on image for full picture. Use the "Back" button to return to this page.

Ballynaclosha School 1926 - Photo 1
Ballynaclosha School 1926 - Photo 2
Crossmaglen Girls School 1925
Crossmaglen in the 1930's
Glassdrummond School 1920s
Glassdrummond School 1949
Glassdrummond School Football Team 1949
Crossmaglen Technical School 1950
"The Mummy and the Mumps" 1958
Glassdrummond School 1961
Silverbridge Harps 1972
Lake End Players 1978
Glassdrummond School 1981